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Making Broiled Salmon - With Fennel Seeds (Webisode 28)

Make a delicious salmon meal in just 30 minutes... and learn all about omega-3 fats with Your Kitchen Dietitian


Starting Solid Food With Your Baby (Webisode 27)

Follow the tips in this video to help your child develop a healthy relationship with food and avoid picky eating in the future. 


Making Beef Stew: pregnancy edition (Webisode 26)

This delicious beef stew will tickle your tastebuds and warm your belly. Learn about nutrition during pregnancy and how to build flavour when cooking at home.  


Your Kitchen Dietitian Goes to Cambodia (Webisode 25)

I was recently in Cambodia collecting data for my masters thesis research, as part of the Fish on Farms project: While in the Prey Veng province, a lovely Cambodian woman let me film her making traditional sour soup. Everyone makes their own special sour soup... she used beef, morning glory (a leafy green), and fish paste. She even gave me a bowl to try - it was delicious!



Making a Spicy Peanut Asian Salad (Webisode 24)

Cook with three dietitians who love eating good food! Learn how to make a delicious Asian salad with a spicy peanut sauce. In this recipe, we build flavor by using fresh and tasty low sodium ingredients. Find the recipe used in this video, by clicking on the "Recipes" tab.