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About Your Kitchen Dietitian 

My name is Vashti and I'd like to be Your Kitchen Dietitian.  Follow my nutrition blog for healthy tips and exciting nutrition information.  I hope to inspire you to spend a little more time in your kitchen, and enjoy nutritious and delicious food!

I belive that eating well is just as important to our health as it is to our sense of culture and well-being.  I enjoy cooking, trying new recipes, and experimenting with new ingredients.  I became a dietitian because I could combine my passion for good, wholesome food with my interest in science and health.  As Your Kitchen Dietitian, I want to share what I know and love about food & nutrition with you.     

I am a Registered Dietitian with the College of Dietitians of BC and I have a masters degree in human nutrition and a bachelors degree in dietetics from the University of British Columbia (UBC).  I am a member of Dietitians of Canada and I currently work as a private practice dietitian.  I have also worked as a clinical dietitian for four years at St. Paul's Hospital, where I specialized in diabetes management and elder care. I was also a media spokesperson for the Dietitians of Canada; click on the "Media" tab to see some of my stories.

Prior to becoming a dietitian, I worked as a certified weight trainer and indoor cycling ("spinning") instructor.  I believe that regular exercise is just as important as eating well.  I enjoy cycling and running and have completed the Victoria marathon twice, completing the twenty-six miles in under four hours.  I have also rowed with the UBC varsity rowing team and played on recreational sport teams.  Through these athletic endeavors, I have experienced first-hand how important good nutrition is for athletic performance.  

I am a mother to two little boys and I appreciate how challenging it can be to put a home-cooked meal on the table!  When I have any spare time, I enjoy running and painting.  Prior to having children, I travelled extensively and tasted delicious food wherever I travelled.  I am familiar with Cambodian, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Ukrainian, Latin, and many other cuisines... and I have concluded that the world is a delicious place!   

Email me by clicking on the "Contact" tab if you are interested in making an appointment. 

While I currently reside in Kirkland, WA, I see clients in Vancouver, BC (Canada) through Skype or in-home consultations (for initial assessment session only).  See "Nutrition Coaching" tab for more details.